Comparison of 5 Popular Portable Generators

The need for portable generators has drastically increased in the past couple of years. There are a lot of reasons for this. An emergency portable generator has considerable advantages to a person and to the society, such as helping save lives, as well as decreasing the hardships due to long power outages and natural disasters. Portable generators have a lot of uses. However, just like any other products, there are certain consumers who only prefer and purchase the best portable generators. Here are some of the portable generators that most consumers purchase and prefer:

  1. Yamaha EF2400iS Portable Generator – this efficient, lightweight, and powerful portable generator provides utmost electrical output without having to sacrifice its portability. Due to its new inverter system, Yamaha EF2400iS Portable Generator can generate almost 2,400W AC Power. This portable generator can continuously operate almost 8.6 hours with no refueling and makes use of the most modern technology in order to generate the utmost output. The Yamaha EF2400iS Portable Generator is built in a new inverter technology, which provides energy from natural sine waves, which are more reliable and cleaner than other sources of power.
  2. Yamaha EF3000ise Portable Generator – this portable generator has a lot of great features a consumer would want and need such as an inverter system that has a pulse width modulation, which makes the product produce cleaner and higher-quality electricity; a Noise Block Acoustically, which is intended to reduce its noise when running; and the Smart Throttle Load Sensing Throttle Control, which automatically regulates the speed of the engine in order to match the load that brings about better fuel efficiency.
  3. Generac GP5000 Generator – it offers a dependable supply of power when needed. It has an overhead valve (OHV) engine that provides power and performance, while its strong steel-tube cradle guards the exterior of Generac GP5000 Generator. For comfortable and safe utilization, the circuit-breaker outlets avoid overloads of power, and the low-tone muffler is designed for very quite operation. Due to its versatile design, the Generac GP5000 Generator adds possibility and comfort to any kind of situation. You can make use of this generator in order to keep you safe whenever there are sudden blackouts, add much fun to an exciting camping trip, as well as make your work easier and faster.
  4. Generac GP3250 Generator – this generator has a sturdy 206-cc overhead valve (OHV) engine, which contains a low-oil blackout technology that keeps away from engine damage as well as maintaining the excellent shape of this generator for future use. The Generac GP3250 Generator also has high-quality alternator and splash lubrication, which makes sure that the process of the electrical equipment is smooth and efficient.
  5. Generac GP6500 Generator – it provides 6,500 watts of output and has a 120/140 A/C voltage and 60Hz frequency. For sudden blackouts, this amount of power is adequate to operate home appliances including electric stoves, computers and security systems. For landscaping and construction applications, it is just enough to hold up equipment like table saws, belt sanders and lawn mowers.