Ridgid 6800 Watt Generator Review

Ridgid 6800Whether you need a generator for a home backup or remote work sites, the Ridgid 6800 watt generator can be a good choice. Coming with 12 HP Yamaha engine, you can be sure that this generator is built to last. This generator also offers a removable control panel that gives you full control of the generator although you are away from it. Let’s take a look the details of this generator so you can decide whether or not this generator is the one that you need.

Engine type and size

The Ridgid 6800 watt generator comes with Yamaha MZ 360 OHV engine that can generate up to 12 HP. The maximum power output produced by this 357 cc engine is 6800 watt. So far, there is no complaint from buyers related to engine. With Yamaha’s good reputation on engines, you do not have to worry about the durability of this machine.

Fuel capacity

This generator runs good on gasoline and the steel fuel tank is enough for 8 gallons of fuel. This generator can run up to 12 hours non-stop at 50-percent load and perhaps you could not find better generator that can run up to 12 hours at 50-percent load with 8 gallons of fuel.

One minor thing that you have to consider is the angle of the oil fill opening. The angle gives difficulty to fill in fuel into the tank. To avoid spills, you will need a 6 inches flexible funnel to refill fuel.

Product dimension and weight

This generator is quite heavy with a total weight of 228 lbs. Without the handle and wheels, the dimension of this product is 27 inches of height, 30 inches of width and 30 inches of length.

Portability feature

This generator is basically a portable generator because it comes with 2 never-flat wheels and 2 front feet. However, you can also make this generator as a stand-by generator by removing the wheels and front feet. This machine has a high handle that eases you to move this generator to your desired location.

Safety feature

Besides the sturdy construction that protects the engine, Ridgid also equips this machine with a low oil shut-off feature. This feature functions to automatically shut off the engine when the fuel has reached the lowest tolerable fuel level. This feature is very beneficial to avoid costly engine repair caused by engine damage.


Starting this generator is very easy and the majority of buyers stated that the engine could start on the first or second pull. With the amount of power output, this generator is enough to power various appliances at once such as heating system, refrigerator, freezer, TV, computer, lights, microwave, etc.

In terms of noise, the noise produced by this generator is still within tolerable level. This machine produces a high power output so a bit noise is reasonable. Additionally, the removable control panel allows you to place this generator a bit farther to reduce noise exposure.

Additional features

Besides the features mentioned above, this Ridgid generator also comes with GenSmart monitoring system. This system will track usage and load and give signal when periodic engine maintenance is needed.

Removable control panel with 25ft cord is another great feature of this generator. The control panel contains start/stop switch and other important controls that ease you in controlling the generator from 25 ft distance.


If you demand a quality and durable generator that is enough to power many appliances in your house, choosing the Ridgid 6800 watt generator is a wise decision.